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Monday, February 21, 2011

Minority Republican Felon: Imtiaz Insanally of Valley Stream, New York

The problem with going after the heads of the Republican criminal tree is that someone else will be around to replace him. For example, if Rush Limbaugh where to die form a heart attack, the likes of Glenn Beck and Michael Savage will be around.

So let's take out the roots of the tree, so the top and the whole tree will come down. Republicans are a dying and suicidal breed, and have much trouble attracting growing and healthy groups, namely the young and minority voters. So every root lost from a young (Example 1, 2) or minority GOP supporter does much more damage than some dying, non-populating, old white male geezer.

In Nassau County, located in Long Island, New York, an employee of the Nassau County Board of Elections has been accused of writing eight fake addresses on campaign forms in 2009, Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice's office announced Tuesday. Imtiaz Insanally, 27, of Valley Stream, is alleged to have used the fake addresses on a petition to add Republican Christian Browne to the ballot on the Tax Revolt Party line. Browne was running for County Legislator in the Fifth Legislative District.

Imtiaz Insanally is currently employed as a part-time clerk for the Nassau County Board of Elections, in the election machine department, a job he's held since 2006.

NY Man Charged With Putting Fake Addresses On Election Petition

Republican Operative Arrested in Tax Revolt Party Fraud

Sunday, February 13, 2011

House GOP stumbles into setbacks amid disarray

Just one month after the Republicans regain the majority in the House of Representatives, the GOP are back to their old ways. Crime, corruption, scandals, stupidity, lack of leadership and morals.

Above, GOP family values man Christopher Lee from New York resigned after this photo on Craigslist surfaced. Chris was seeking for a date with a woman despite being married and knowing full well that he is a Congressman representing millions of republicans.

But the GOP did accomplish a few more moments of stupidity and recklessness. In December, the GOP successfully fought to extend the absurd tax breaks for the richest one percent of Americans that got us into this recession. At least $700 billion could have been raised, but thanks to the GOP, we are continuing to set Bush-like record level deficits.

House GOP stumbles into setbacks amid disarray