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Sunday, February 13, 2011

House GOP stumbles into setbacks amid disarray

Just one month after the Republicans regain the majority in the House of Representatives, the GOP are back to their old ways. Crime, corruption, scandals, stupidity, lack of leadership and morals.

Above, GOP family values man Christopher Lee from New York resigned after this photo on Craigslist surfaced. Chris was seeking for a date with a woman despite being married and knowing full well that he is a Congressman representing millions of republicans.

But the GOP did accomplish a few more moments of stupidity and recklessness. In December, the GOP successfully fought to extend the absurd tax breaks for the richest one percent of Americans that got us into this recession. At least $700 billion could have been raised, but thanks to the GOP, we are continuing to set Bush-like record level deficits.

House GOP stumbles into setbacks amid disarray


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