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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Losses and more losses for American Renaissance

American Renaissance has absorbed very serious losses over the years, and their losses continue to worsen as we anti-Nazi crime fighters continue to dig their graves for them. In the most recent news, the 2011 American Renaissance conference which was supposed to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina in February got cancelled again. The losses were so great that one Amren member with the blogsite JewAmongYou directly attacks me for my direct involvement in delivering heavy losses to American Renaissance.

The guy behind the blog is Reuben Hayat (shown below) and yes, he is a sellout Jew like Marcus Epstein affiliated with Nazi hate groups.

So Reuben Hayat thinks I am a lone blogger who only delivers a few crude jokes and political pundits. Yes, I do clown around at times to expose the stupidity and hopelessness of this group, but what he is not aware is that my business is to totally ruin Nazis like him, to hunt them down, destroy their reputation (actually, expose the truth that they never had any reputation), get them fired, destroy their family and livelihood, and take them out of society. Here's a summary of some recent losses for American Renaissance.

Jun 2009 - Amren member Marcus Epstein (half Jew, half Korean) totally ruined because of felony charges for his hate affiliations. Was supposed to attend the University of Virginia Law School that fall semester, but was denied because of his digital footprints. I was one of many working diligently to research and expose Marcus and make this happen.

Feb 2010 - American Renaissance is exposed as a terrorist group. Such an important article I placed it in my favorites link.

Feb 2010 - The 2010 Amren conference was cancelled after hotels in northern Virginia were rejecting the Amren hate and terrorist group. I was one of many working diligently to research and expose them and make this happen.

Sep 2010 - Jim Russell, a white male republican in New York, was running for a House seat in Congress. Then in September, the media revealed he was heavily involved in hate groups like Amren, including airing a video of the Donahue show featuring Jared Taylor and showing Jim Russell supporting Jared's white supremacy. The GOP tried unsuccessfully to drop his nomination and Jim's reputation plummeted like all Amren losers. In the November election, Jim suffered a staggering loss and as of today is troubled with deep campaign debts and financial ruin.

Jan 2011 - Right-wing nuthead Jared Lee Loughner commits a terrorist act in Arizona by shooting Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and several people, murdering several of them. While Jared did not attend an Amren conference, the Virginia State Police were correct to label Amren a terrorist group because of their ability to use the media to promote their hate and terrorist to their target audience - eccentric, hateful white males like Jared Loughner.

Feb 2011 - Jared Taylor attempted to move the conference to Charlotte, NC, but was still cancelled after hotels were rejecting Amren. I was one of many working diligently to research and expose them and make this happen.

Hunting season for Nazis is always open, throughout the year, every year. Here's a video for Reuben Hayat. My business is very serious, but there is time to clown around.


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