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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

State Attorney jobs and Tea Party extremism don't mix, just ask KrisAnne Hall

This month of May marks the one year anniversary of an unsurprising event. In May 2010, former Florida assistant state attorney KrisAnne Hall (40) was fired for her deep and public affiliations to the Tea Party.

Live Oak prosecutor fired for speaking to tea party

It was a justifiable firing, when a coworker informed KrisAnne Hall's supervisor, Skip Jarvis, that Ms. Hall was deeply involved in the Tea Party. Email exchanges began in April 2010, when Mr. Jarvis warned Ms. Hall that she works for the state of Florida and is responsible for taking good care of Florida state, the government, and the millions of diverse citizens. However, being a Tea Party spokesperson is a direct conflict to her state attorney job, as the Tea Party is notoriously recognized as a fringe right-wing, anti-government, and borderline racist and hate group.

Emails were exchanged, Krisanne did not resign from the Tea Party, and in May she got fired. She is currently suing the state of Florida for her job back, though after a year it looks pretty dismal for her and bright for Florida and America.

She also does some public speaking and accepts donations, but let this be a lesson to you Tea Party lunatics. I'm sure VDare and American Renaissance doesn't have any more jobs for writers, so it's more dead ends for KrisAnne. And when she loses the legal case, she will be stuck with a hefty legal bill. Time for you right-wingers to dig out your empty wallets again (and again, and again, and again) to donate to another lost cause.

Hey, she wanted smaller government, so she got it. Why is she fighting for her government job back and only make the government bigger? And for all of you working in a government or any job caring for large numbers of people and society, it was an ordinary coworker who exposed the truth to the supervisors, so if you see any of your coworkers engaged in this kind of garbage, don't be afraid to do what's good for society.

Oh yeah, more bad and worse news for the Tea Party. Poll Watch: Tea Party Unfavorables Reach New High


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