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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Storms, tornados, floods wash away Sailer's bogus affordable family foundation theory

The last few months were brutally devastating for the rural Republican states which Steve Sailer mistakenly praises as the best areas to build homes and raise families. Where do we even begin, and we know it will never end, as storms, tornados, and floods take their devastating tolls. Pictures below are actual pictures from the natural disasters, click on them to see the full view of the damage.

Late April, 2011 - Massive storms and tornados inflict massive damage across seven southern states. Over 300 people killed, setting a new record for the most fatalities in America from storms. Deaths and severe damage are in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, Arkansas, and Kentucky.

May 22, 2011 - An extremely powerful EF-5 tornado devastates Joplin, Missouri. At least 142 dead so far, many more missing or injured, entire buildings demolished, untold damage.

Late May, 2011 - The Mississippi river water levels and flooding dangers are rising again. Flooding is a threat in midwest states like Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota, which will continue to worsen for the southern states as flood waters traverse southward along the Mississippi river.

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