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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Savage Texas drought causes record losses

While there was a surprise earthquake from Virginia that rattled the east coast and caused minimal damage, it is nothing compared to the ongoing heat wave and drought the southern and midwestern states are suffering.

You would think time would heal, but the heat wave baking the south and midwest since July is still ongoing with no rain to relieve the situation. Drought and famine continues to worsen, especially in Texas. Next time Steve Sailer tries to bless your area, remember it is a curse of death.

Savage Texas drought causes record losses
The record-setting drought across Texas and a growing number of southern US states is pushing cattle into US feedlots at almost unprecedented rates.


At the epicentre of North America’s current drought event, the effects have caused livestock and crop losses in Texas estimated at $5.2 billion over the past ten months. The total smashes the previous record drought impact for the state of $4.1b for all of 2006.

“Yet there are no signs that the drought, which is the worst one-year drought in Texas history, will break soon,” Steve Kay reported in last week’s Cattle Buyers’ Weekly. “Losses for all of 2011 might be several billion dollars more,” he said.



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