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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Obama's troubles going into 2012 - Small donors aren't donating

President Obama is surely having troubles. After nearly three years as President, he is turning out to be a Republican puppet who is too weak and stupid to end the disastrously failed Bush and Republcan policies that got us into this recession and financial ruin. Last June I pointed out his troubles and they are still continuing.

Now the millions of small donors who donated to Obama's 2008 campaign are abandoning Obama, just as Obama failed to carry out his campaign promises and abandoned us.

NYT: Small donors slow to return to Obama's fold
They were once among President Obama’s most loyal supporters and a potent symbol of his political brand: voters of moderate means who dug deep for the candidate and his message of hope and change, sending him $10 or $25 or $50 every few weeks or months.

But in recent months, the frustration and disillusionment that have dragged down Mr. Obama’s approval ratings have crept into the ranks of his vaunted small-donor army, underscoring the challenges he faces as he seeks to rekindle grass-roots enthusiasm for his re-election bid.

In interviews with dozens of low-dollar contributors in the past two weeks, some said they were unhappy with what they viewed as Mr. Obama’s overly conciliatory approach to Congressional Republicans. Others cited what they saw as a lack of passion in the president, or said the sour economy had drained both their enthusiasm and their pocketbooks.


I am in this camp of the millions of small time donors who is not planning to donate to Obama's 2012 campaign until Obama produces results, not broken campaign promises. Obama will likely win the 2012 election, but it should be a weak victory, not so much for Obama, but because he is the lesser of two evils and the GOP and their candidates are so much worse and disastrous for the country.

So the Republlicans are the party of evil, crime, and corruption. However, Obama is defining the Democrats as weak and stupid the way he's (non)-running things. The Democrats are still the lesser of two evils, but Mr. President, get with it.


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