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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Education scam being sued in federal class action

These right-wingers have pretty devious scams to supposedly help poor, ordinary people get rich. But in the end, the truth comes out and their get-rich schemes are just a scam to steal from the poor to get the frauds richer.

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Robert Kiyosaki is well known for his book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", which became a best seller because it touches on peoples' desire to get rich. The book eventually evolved into live seminars in hotel conference rooms and then overpriced and worthless get-rich-quick real estate training courses.

Last week, a federal class action lawsuit was filed against Kiyosaki's Rich Dad fraudulent courses.
A federal class action claims Rich Dad Education and its affiliates use their "free classes" and $199 seminars about financial success as a come-on in a high-pressure "sales scam" to sell worthless courses for tens of thousands of dollars.

Named plaintiff Robert Crewe says Rich Dad's "sales scam is built on a misleading three-tiered sales pitch where customers are sold increasingly expensive financial training programs using pressures tactics and false promises."

Crewe says he paid $199 to attend a "Rich Dad Education Stock Success 3-day Training program, which was supposed to provide training and education in trading stocks."

But he says, "Defendants did not provide any training or education at the workshop. Instead, the sole purpose of the workshop was to up-sell 'students' into additional useless but more-expensive coursework and monitoring, which costs up to $64,899 per enrollee."

Also sued are Cashflow Technologies, Tigrent Learning and two entities, two Rich Dad affiliates, and Robert Kiyosaki, who lives in or around Phoenix and allegedly "approved, authorized, either expressly or tacitly directed, ratified and/or participated in the acts complained of herein".

Robert Kiyosaki is deeply connected with the right-wing scammers crowd like Glenn Beck, Donald Trump, and Amway. Here are some truthful and accurate analyses on Kiyosaki and Rich Dad.

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Watch out for the right-wing get-rich-quick scams. It's only a scam to get them rich at your expense.

Update October 13, 2012 - Robert Kiyosaki has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection for one of his companies, Rich Global LLC, after loosing a $24 million judgment to Learning Annex.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

2011 Election Analysis

These odd year elections are less popular than the even year elections, but it's still an election to place many state and local politicians into power, and an opportunity to vote on referendum votes. We learned in 2009 that young voter turnout drops while the elderly voter turnout stays steady, thus giving the Republicans an advantage.

The Democrats have improved in 2011. The Republicans were expected to have an upper hand with a higher elderly voter turnout and Obama's mediocre popularity. It didn't happen. Overall, the Democrats or Republicans won a few and lost a few state and local seats here and there, but neither party made a significant gain overall.

Perhaps the Democrats got greater young, minority, and women voter turnout this year, or more of the older voters are dying away. I haven't found analysis on these demographics yet, but the Democrats have improved in what was supposed to be the election year for the GOP.

However, there is more to celebrate as the far-right Republicans suffered significant losses. In two of the most watched referendum votes, the Democrats came out as the clear winner. In Ohio, voters strongly rejected a Republican referendum vote to severely restrict unions and workers' rights, and in Mississippi, voters strongly rejected an anti-abortion bill. In Arizona, Russell Pearce, Arizona’s most powerful legislator and the architect of its tough immigration law, was outed in a recall election last Tuesday.

Four old white male terrorists arrested for biological terrorist plot in Georgia

Dysfunctional, hateful, right-wing, anti-government old white males like Steve Sailer and friends are at it again. In north Georgia, four men are accused of plotting domestic terror attacks allegedly discussed making and spreading the biological toxin ricin in Atlanta and other major cities.

Above: Dan Roberts, from Toccoa, Ga., wearing a Confederate States of America patch on his hat and a Confederate flag tie, watches during a Southern Heritage League press conference at the Capitol in Atlanta Monday, Jan. 29, 2001

Toccoa men Samuel J. Crump, 68, and Ray H. Adams, 55, were charged with conspiring to possess and produce the biological toxin ricin and attempted production of the deadly toxin. Toccoa man Dan Roberts, 67, and Frederick W. Thomas, 73, of Cleveland were charged with conspiring to possess an explosive device and illegally possessing an unregistered silencer.

Four accused in terror plot to appear in court