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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Economics 101 lesson with Glenn Beck

Here is an economics lesson when you deal with the criminals and frauds like Glenn Beck. In December 2010, Glenn Beck made a big media push by traveling to Wilmington, Ohio and broadcasting his syndicated radio show and his Fox News television show from the middle-class town in hopes of raising awareness about his unemployment struggle.

So how much did Glenn Beck give to Wilmington?

Media Matters: Did Glenn Beck Lose His Checkbook?

Do you get the picture? Beck swooped into Wilmington supposedly on a mission of good will. But during his one day in town he likely generated nearly $300,000 in revenue from ticket sales. That's okay, his handlers insisted at the time, because the money's going to charities to help Wilmington's down-on-their-luck residents.

Except that one month later none of that money has gone to charity, and Beck's producers aren't answering any questions.

So when you give any sort of money to Glenn Beck or his kind, you will receive a whopping zero return on investment. Hey, even Rush Limbaugh will provide a one year subscription to his worthless newsletter (equivalent to a 0.000000000000001% return on investment), but Glenn Beck's ROI is zero, just like the big zero losers stupid enough to follow him.

Talking about zero percent ROI's, Glenn Beck also has some fraudently and grossly overpriced gold to sell you as well.

Richard Sanden of Ohio has sex with corpse

One of Steve Sailer's kind strikes again, because he keeps striking out with women and society. An eccentric, failed, middle aged white male, Richard Elwood Sanden (55) of Ohio, plays the mating game the only way he can. Richard Sanden has sex with a corpse because any living woman would reject him.

Ohio Man Richard Sanden Accused of Sex With Corpse, Tries to Explain

Richard is arrested and charged with necrophilia with the corpse of 48-year-old Rebecca Whitehead. Like many crazy and addicted Sailer type white males, he is also charged with possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia.

Do you want people like Richard Sanden and Steve Sailer living in your nieghboorhood?

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Jared Lee Loughner commits terrorist and assassination act

You knew this was coming. Another Sailer type white male, 22 year old Jared Lee Loughner, has committed a heinous act of terrorism and savage murder. In Arizona, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is shot and at least five others are shot dead by Jared Lee Loughner.

Note: There is no joking, sarcasm, or scoring political points here when I accurately coorelate Jared Lee Loughner to right-wing extremist, terrorist, and hate groups like Steve Sailer, American Renaissance, VDare, Glenn Beck, and similar trash out there. Jared Loughner is the prototype of Steve Sailer and garbage.

* An isolated, eccentric white male troubled with no hope or future.
* Addicted to right-wing extremist and hate groups.
* Hates himself, the government, and the country.

Credible evidence shows he is linked to the terrorist group American Renaissance. Even if Jared is not an offical member of American Renaissance, his ideals and motives were definitely influenced by American Renaissance and similar company.

Jared Lee Loughner's influences and the persons whom he represents in his heinous terrorist plot:
American Renaissance
Sarah Palin
Tea Party
Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)
Glenn Beck

Saturday, January 08, 2011

More Young People Entering Nursing Homes, Report Finds

Nursing homes resemble the dying breed of Steve Sailer and his depressed, dying, elderly old farts. If they aren't in a nursing home yet, it's all too often they already committed suicide at an earlier age. But some younger white people become diseased and crippled and wind up in a nursing home with elderly people many decades older.

Here is a news report of some unfortunate young folks being stuck in Steve Sailer's and the Republicans' depressed, dying, end-of-the-line resting place - the nursing home.

More Young People Entering Nursing Homes, Report Finds

Twenty-six-year-old Adam Martin is confined to a place no young person wants to be -- a nursing home.

Martin is a quadriplegic who lost the use of his legs and arms after being accidentally shot in the neck. He now lives at the Sarasota Health and Rehabilitation Center. "It's lonely here," he told the Associated Press.

In the past eight years, the number of nursing home residents under the age of 65 has increased about 22 percent, according to AP.

"Nursing homes are not prepared in any way shape or form for young people," Jamie Huysman told AOL Health. Huysman is a social worker and spokesman for the International Human Rights Campaign for Caregivers and a member of the National Association of Social Workers.


Most younger patients have to share a room with someone who exceeds their age by 20 years or more, and generational gaps can cause tension. Older residents don't like the louder music of the younger residents, and the younger residents can't be healthy, emotionally and mentally, when they are faced with death everyday.

"It's a depressing place to live," explained Martin to the AP. "People die around you all the time. It starts to really get depressing because all you're seeing is negative, negative, negative."

Not all younger residents are in for the long haul. Some are just there to recover from an injury since it is a cheaper method for their insurance companies.

Either way, for those younger people who find themselves disabled, recovering and in a nursing home, sometimes the hardest part of the battle can be psychological.

"It is a real challenge for young people," Dr. James Campbell, Geriatric Center director and executive director of Post Acute and Extended Care at The MetroHealth System in Cleveland, told AOL Health.

Many young residents can slip into depression from their physical limitations, lack of socializing and dreary and sad surroundings. According to Campbell, social perks, such as activities, game nights and social outings, are "critical" and can sometimes make or break the mental and emotional health of a younger resident. "The risk is without that they will be become isolated and depressed."

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Rural red states facing the harshest brunt of rising gas prices

The news never gets any better, only worse, for the Republican rural red states. Drill, baby, drill isn't going to solve the energy crises, either. Even dangerously drilling to the deepest waters will come nowhere close to supply America's energy demands. You're going to have to become more Democratic and conserve energy, and supply more renewable energy resources. But let the republicans keep their reckless and suicidal behavior and let them suffer and die out.

Gas prices surge 76% from 2008

NEW YORK ( -- Holiday shoppers will need to bump up their budget for one purchase this year, and they can't even put it under the tree: gasoline.

The price of fuel is up 13.6% from last December and 76% higher from December 2008, according to a new study from the Oil Price Information Service.

Nationwide, drivers are estimated to spend $305 on gasoline in December.

Who's hardest hit? People in Montana.

Montana households are estimated to spend over $449 on gas in December, representing a 12.74% slice of their overall household budget.

Residents of New York are getting off relatively easy. Households there are estimated to spend around $214 on gas in December, just 4.71% of their household income. Other low-cost states include Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada and Illinois.

It's common that people in rural states spend a higher percent of their salary on gas, as incomes tend to be lower. They also often have further to drive for work, and tend to buy larger vehicles.


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