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Monday, February 20, 2012

Tea Party Liar - Megan Geller of Crystal Lake, Illinois

These teabaggers know how to rack up some political points, at least for a short time, with lies. In 2010, Krisanne Hall of Florida made headlines when she falsely claimed she was fired as Florida assistant state attorney for being affiliated with the Tea Party. The media published her lies and some teabaggers staged a local protest and wrote their support on internet opinion forums.

Now another teabagger in Illinois is using the same tactic. Megan Geller, 23, of Crystal Lake, Illinois, was working as a waitress at Chicago Outback Steakhouse, until she was allegedly fired in October 2011. Megan claimed she was fired when a customer was offended by her Tea Party "Don't Tread On Me" bracelet, and Megan refused to take it off. The media published her story and some teabaggers staged a local protest. However, Outback Steakhouse quickly released the truth that she was fired for being inattentive to diners at two tables and yelling back at management.

Like the boy or girl who cried wolf, lies get harder to cover every time and the liar's credibility drops dramatically, and the truth comes out sooner.


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