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Friday, August 10, 2012

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips stuck with $748,300 Las Vegas hotel bill

It really sucks to be a Tea Party member. Even if you don't end up in jail or get fired from your job, Teabaggers find other ways to screw themselves and their party. Teabaggers are notorious for lying and grossly overstating their numbers and influence, and one Tea Party believed in that lie and ended up paying off a $748,300 Las Vegas hotel bill from 2010.

Meet Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips from Tennessee, whose Tea Party branch, like VDare, is labeled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Judson bought the hype and reserved 1,637 rooms at the Venetian Las Vegas Casino Resort for a July 2010 Tea Party rally. He then cancelled the reservations without paying shortly before the scheduled date, after discovering actual attendance would be dramatically down. In a July 2012 Tennessee court order, a judge ruled that Phillips owed the resort $748,300, including the $554,000 hotel bill and $194,300 in accrued interest.

Judge: Tea Party Nation founder must pay $748k Las Vegas hotel bill

Duh, what a major mistake. Membership has his benefits, and since the actual number of Tea Party Nation members is like several dozen and mostly cash strapped, Judson can only rely on raising a few thousand dollars at most for fundraising, which will deplete their financial aid to other right-wing hate groups like VDare. He can do bake sales, car washes, book sales, conference speakings, and Google ads on his blogsite for the rest of his life and still have debts well over $700,000 with accumulating interest. Looks like Judson files for bankruptcy and screws himself, family, and everyone associated with him.

Other right-wingers have been royally screwed planning conventions based on overinflated lies of their own numbers, leaving them with a ridiculous hotel bill. As the linked article above mentioned,
This is not the first time a Republican group has found itself in a bind over an unpaid hotel invoice. In February, the Charleston Place Hotel sued a South Carolina political consultant and the Southern Republican Leadership Conference for an allegedly unpaid hotel bill, reported.

The conference was held in January, the weekend before the South Carolina Republican primary. The hotel alleged that the conference was “poorly attended,” that consultant Robert Cahaly and the SRLC owed $227,800, and that they had behaved unethically “in an effort to evade their responsibility for payment.”


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