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Monday, September 03, 2012

Mitt Romney's bad month of August

Another month has gone by since Mitt Romney's very bad month of July was published.  Things have gone a little better for Mitt Romney in August, thus earning the title "bad" instead of "very bad" month of August.  However, Romney is still having troubles with his campaign.

August started off pretty rough for Mitt Romney when Senator Harry Reid publicly claimed Romney did not pay any taxes for over a decade, according to an anonymous investor from Bain Capital.  Romney was under much scrutiny for releasing his tax records for only 2010 and 2011, causing much suspicion that he was hiding something very unethical with his previous tax records.  Harry Reid upped the ante very well by accusing Romney of paying zero taxes.  It may sound like a far fetched accusation, but because Romney is not releasing any more tax records, the accusation is still alive and valid.

Romney claimed he always paid at least 13 percent in taxes, and his 2010 tax return showed he paid 13.9 percent made on over $21 million in 2010.  The public already saw his 2010 tax return at a tax rate of 13.9 percent, so why is he not showing us his previous tax records if it was similar to 2010 and paid around 13 percent?  The zero percent accusation of tax evader Romney is alive and valid, and Harry Reid played this hand very well to the loss of Romney.

The out-of-touch rich man image continues to bite Romney.  In an unexpected event, Ann Romney's horse Rafalca, who competed in the Summer Olympics in London, made the news and commercials when it was discovered the Romney's spent about $77,000 annually on Rafalca's upkeep.  Furthermore, the privileged Romney's get a tax deduction for her ridiculous upkeep costs.

The big event of August that typically energizes a Presidential campaign is the selection of the running mate Vice Presidential candidate.  Mitt Romney was early when he announced Paul Ryan as his running mate on August 11.  Did Paul Ryan provide any boost to Mitt Romney's poll numbers?  The answer is no.  Paul Ryan just turned out to be a mirror clone of Mitt Romney, an out of touch rich white guy, just a little younger, determined to provide millionaires tax breaks while the rest of America gets screwed.  Sarah Palin caused much excitement back in August 2008 and the McCain/Palin team were leading in the polls for a short time, until her fatal bloopers and airheadedness were revealed.  But Paul Ryan provided no boost even for a short time, and going into September the polling experts agree Ryan is providing no support to the Romney/Ryan team.

Mitt Romney set another unwanted record in August.  An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll in August revealed that Romney won zero percent of the Black vote.  The first Presidential candidate to ever receive zero percent of the Black vote.  Even Ronald Reagan did better with 3 percent of the Black vote, but for Mitt Romney, 0 percent.  Among Black voters polled, 94 percent chose Obama and 0 percent chose Romney.  His standing with Latinos is not any better.  Latinos have typically voted 60 percent Democrat, but Obama set a record in 2008 by winning 67 percent of the Latino vote.  Romney did not make any inroads as Latinos chose Obama by a 2 to 1 margin, or about 67 percent for Obama.  It's just a poll and Romney may win a few Black voters to round up his percentage to 1 percent in the election, but it's still bad news for him.

While August was bad, at least it wasn't very bad.  The Romney team is raising more money than the Obama team, and he is losing to Obama in the polls by a smaller amount.  The Republican National Convention in late August helped improve his poll numbers, but he is still projected to lose.  In early September, the Democratic National Convention will help even the score in popularity.

Just two more months to go and Romney has exhausted all his options.  A few Presidential debates remain, but not much hope remains for Romney, except the massive campaign debts the loser faces in an election.


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