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Thursday, October 04, 2012

First Presidential Debate of 2012

After watching the first Presidential debate of 2012, I must say Mitt Romney did pretty well.  Not a spectacular win, but he did fairly well.  Mitt did show some logical fallacies, such as how reducing taxes would balance the budget, or his faulty attacks on Obamacare when his Romneycare health plan as Massachusetts governor is similar to Obamacare.  Mitt seemed more sensitive, at least by speech anyway, to the 100% of America, after his embarrassing video was leaked that he didn't care about at least 47% of America.  Nevertheless Mitt was overall well prepared and showed more emotion and enthusiasm while avoiding the embarrassing blunders or gaffes.  Barack was a little more bland tonight.

If the Presidential campaign is like a football game, let's imagine this debate is the second quarter.  Romney scores a touchdown and Obama scores a field goal in this quarter.  However, there are still two more Presidential debates remaining and Obama is still ahead by four touchdowns.  Also, Obama's coaches are carefully reviewing the plays to plan for the next quarter.

Mitt Romney still has a long way to go.


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