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Sunday, October 07, 2012

J. Philippe Rushton dead at age 68

A key figure of Steve Sailer's right-wing eugenics group, the Human Biodiversity Group, is dead.  He is J. Philippe Rushton, dead at age 68.  A former Psychologist at Western Ontario University in Canada, Rushton wrote numerous works, such as "Race, Evolution, & Behavior", that blacks are genetically inferior (except for sports), and was head of the fascist Pioneer Fund.

Rushton was the key member of HBD on race. His racist views and writings made him a favorite among many white supremacist and hate groups.

The Human Biodiversity Group page has been updated.  Last year Louis Andrews died, but I didn't update it back then since he was a nobody which no one really cared about.  Alot of these old corpse are at the end of their lifeline, and some probably have died without my knowledge.  It's just that no one really cares about them, and have no value in society, so it's not hard at all to miss them.

Steve Sailer's group is a white supremacist group, and White supremacist conferences are like funeral parlors, so naturally they are dying away with hardly any younger troops to replenish their ranks.  If I missed any corpses, just send me an email.


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