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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Obama winning record Latino and Asian voters

Except for a fairly decent Presidential debate where Mitt Romney showed more emotion and was able to cover up his lies and misinformation pretty well, Mitt Romney and the Republicans continue to get pounded in the campaign.  The two fastest growing minority voting groups, Latinos and Asians, continue to support Obama and the Democrats in greater numbers and percentages.

New polls show Obama crushing Romney among swing-state Hispanics

President Obama is crushing Mitt Romney among swing-state Hispanics, according to two new polls out from nonpartisan pollster Latino Decisions.

Obama leads Romney by 78 to 17 percent with Nevada's Hispanic voters, a huge gap that outpaces the 76-to-22 percent edge he had over Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) four years ago in the state.

In Florida, where the Republican-leaning Cuban population bolsters Latino GOP support, Obama leads Romney by a 30-point margin, at 61 percent to 31. That's double the 15-point edge he had with the state's Hispanics four years ago, when he carried the demographic group by 57 percent to 42.

These new results mirror national polling by this and other groups that show Obama outpacing his 2008 performance with Latino voters and Romney struggling mightily. Two recent national polls of Hispanic voters show Obama cracking 70 percent, with Romney pulling between one-fifth and one-quarter of Latino voters.     These are record gains for Obama and the Democrats.  Before 2008, Latinos voted around 60 percent Democrat.  In 2008, Obama won a record 67 percent of the Latino vote.  This year Obama is set to make another record with over 70 percent of the Latino vote.

Indian Americans Hugely Favor Obama over Romney: Poll 

Before 2008, Asian Americans had a slight preference to vote Democrat, around 55 percent.  Obama won a record 62 percent of the Asian American vote in 2008.  So far in 2012, Obama and the Democrats are ready to win even a greater share of the AA vote.   While each Asian group his a large number of undecided voters, the committed voters are strongly leaning Democrat.

Indians are 68% committed to Obama and 25% undecided.  They are projected to vote over 80% for Obama in the election.

The next groups most likely to vote Democrat are Cambodians and Hmong.  They are projected to vote over 70% for Obama in the election.

The next groups are Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Hawaiian.  They are projected to vote over 60% for Obama in the election.

The remaining groups, Filipino, Vietnamese, and Samoan, are probably expected to vote about evenly between Obama and Romney.

The already dead Sailer Strategy will be even deeper buried in 2012.


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