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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Second Presidential Debate

Finally, President Obama made a comeback.  He was fully attentive throughout the debate and showed assertiveness and knowledge.  It wasn't a clean victory over Romney, but everyone agrees Obama was ahead of the debate and the winner.

Obama struggled on some topics like gas prices and a slower than expected economic recovery, but he had Mitt Romney on the defensive most of the time, and Mitt did echo a few more mistakes.

The most notorious blunders Romney made during the debate.

Libya - When the American embassy in Libya was attacked on September 11 and several American diplomats died, Mitt Romney criticized Obama by stating, "I want to make sure we get that for the record because it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in Benghazi an act of terror".

This was flat out false.  President Obama declared the attack as an "act of terror" the next day, on September 12.  Even the moderator corrected Romney during the debate, and fact checkers were all over Romney's lie and falsehood immediately after the debate.  Romney lying about a tragic event for his political gain backfired.

Taxes and Deficit - Just as Paul Ryan botched this one up during the Vice Presidential debate, Mitt Romney messed up as well.  The simple truth is that Romney's tax plan to cut taxes 20 percent for all income levels, including the rich, will drive the deficit up to astronomical levels.  Reducing tax deductions for the rich will come nowhere close to reducing the deficit.

Economists, accountants, and the general public all agree the math for Romey's tax plan does not add up.  It will increase the deficit to astronomical levels, or else the middle class and poor will have to pay more to make up for the deficit.  Either way, it will be a disaster for the economy.  Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan could not explain how their tax plan will work.

George W. Bush - Why was Mitt Romney trying so hard to dissociate himself from George W. Bush?  Was GW Bush such a disastrous failure than even fellow Republican candidate Mitt Romney is distancing himself from Bush?  The truth is yes.

However, Romney's economic plan to reduce taxes for the wealthiest 2 percent and destroying the economy and America is the exact replica of Bush's economic policies.

Women - Republicans have been notoriously bad attracting women voters, just as they had trouble attracting women their entire lives.  So when Romney was asked about women's rights and equality, how does he answer?

Romney made a blooper by stating as governor of Massachusetts, he ordered "binders full of women" to staff his cabinet.  That blooper spread like wildfire across the internet.  But what was his record on hiring women?

"Prior to the 2002 election, women comprised approximately 30 percent of appointed senior-level positions in Massachusetts government," MassGAP said in a statement on Wednesday. "By 2004, 42 percent of the new appointments made by the Romney administration were women. Subsequently, however, from 2004-2006 the percentage of newly-appointed women in these senior appointed positions dropped to 25 percent."

Romney had a good start hiring women, but that soon faded away.  And why didn't he mention his hiring record of women at Bain Capital?  I'll be willing to bet the women and minorities staffed, if any, at Bain Capital was very low.  Romney didn't mention any policies or laws he supported or passed that helps women, which is typical with the misogynist agenda of the GOP.


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