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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vice Presidential Debate

After the Vice Presidential debate last Thursday night, Joe Biden has redeemed the Obama/Biden camp which suffered a setback from Obama's lackluster debate.  Neophyte Paul Ryan showed manners and professionalism during the debate, but he lacked substance.  That is, Paul Ryan got many things wrong or was cornered during the debate, like taxes and balancing the budget, Medicare and health care costs, Iran, and Afghanistan.  At least he held his composure during this strenuous debate for him, but you do have to study the fundamentals of a debate, which is the truths and facts of the issues at hand.

Sarah Palin showed improvement in the 2008 Vice Presidential debate from the exterior, but she still lost to Joe Biden in the fundamentals.

The second Presidential debate is this Tuesday night, October 16.  President Obama has promissed to do better.  Let's see what happens.


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