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Friday, November 09, 2012

2012 Election Analysis: Gender and Age

Along with race, two other factors helped Obama and the Democrats win elections in 2012 and will be a winning formula for many years to come.  They are gender and age.  Data is from the CNN Election 2012 website.

Once again Romney failed to close the gender gap by winning a greater percentage of men voters than Obama's percentage win of women voters.  That's right, Romney and the Republicans must win a greater, not equal, percentage of men voters because women voters consistently outnumber men voters, 53% to 47%.  This will always be the case.

Romney didn't even come close to gaining an equal percentage of men voters.  The Republicans' hateful and ignorant agenda against women, such as senate election losers Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, cost them dearly.  Romney did slightly better than John McCain in 2008, but fell well short of closing the gender gap.  And with Presidential elections consistently increasing into the billions of dollars, mistakes like these will devastate the Republican party.

The other winning factor that propelled Obama's victory in 2012 was the age factor.  The young voters under age 30 came out in overwhelming numbers and greatly helped Obama and the Democrats win big.  Comparing Obama's performance in 2008, the young voters in 2012 were prevalent, making 19% of voters, where they made up 18% in 2008.  The percentages of young voters voting for Obama was down, 66% in 2008 and 60% in 2012, but still a solid win of young voters that led to Obama's victory.

Young voters were a dominant winning factor in the Presidential elections, but the Democrats must learn that young voters are less inclined to vote in the non-Presidential elections.  In the even year non-Presidential elections like 2010, the percentage of young voters goes down.  In 2010, the young voters dropped to 11% of the voters.

Furthermore, in the odd year elections that determine state and local politicians, the young voters are even less inclined to vote.  Young voters make up under 10% of the voting population in odd year elections.  With the odd year 2013 elections coming up, the Democrats must find ways to reach out to the young voters and develop consistent habits so the young voters come out to vote every year.


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