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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Biggest Democratic Winners of 2012

While the Republicans are facing staggering losses in the 2012 elections, losses for the GOP translate to big wins for the Democrats.  Who are the winners of the 2012 elections?

President Barack Obama

The most prized seat in American politics was won by Barack Obama for a second time and by a strong margin.  The Republicans in Congress desperately tried to ruin Obama in his first term with their obstructionist policies and smear tactics, but they failed and their dependency on extremists, racists, misogynists, anti-government terrorists, religious nuts, and excessively rich Americans backfired.

Elizabeth Warren, elected Senator of Massachusetts

The Senate race of 2012 that drew the most attention, as well as setting a record for the most costly Senate race at $70 million, was in Massachusetts between Republican incumbent Scott Brown and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren.

When Senator Edward Kennedy died in 2009, Scott Brown ran in the special election for the Senate seat.  Although he was a Republican in a very liberal state, Scott presented himself as a moderate and was fortunate his opponent was not well prepared and made gaffes during the campaign.  In January 2010, Scott Brown stunned the political arena and won Ted Kennedy's Senate seat.

Now Elizabeth Warren, former Harvard Law professor, won the election by a comfortable margin.  She campaigned on favoring the middle class over the ultra rich and large corporations, consumer rights, and traditional liberal ideals.

Democratic Senate

This was supposed to be the year the Republicans were going to take back the Senate.  The Democrats had 51 Senate seats plus 2 Independent Senate seats who are friendly to the Democrats, for a total of 53 Senate seats.  The GOP were poised to win a few Senate seats and possibly the majority, because of the 33 Senate seats up for re-election in 2012, 23 seats were Democrat and only 10 seats were Republican.

Karl Rove and the Republican fundraisers poured untold millions into GOP Senate candidates.  Even in August, polls show the GOP may gain as many as five Senate seats.

Instead the Democrats fought back well and won two more Senate seats, for a total of 55 Senate seats.  Major blunders like two GOP Senate candidates making stupid comments on rape and abortion and attacks on Planned Parenthood turned off women, their close affiliations to unpopular extremist groups like the Tea Party and anti-immigration groups turned off minorities, and their favoritism for the ultra rich over the middle class.

Not only did the Democrats win the Senate against hard odds, but future elections are looking brighter.  In 2012, 23 Democrat and 10 Republican seats were up for election.  This margin will narrow in 2014, when 20 Democrat and 13 Republican seats are up for election.  In 2016, the Democrats will have the advantage when 10 Democrat seats and 24 Republican seats are up for election.


Excerpts from the CNN article on women in the 2012 elections.

20 women now hold seats in the Senate

New Hampshire now has an all female congressional delegation and a newly-elected female governor, former state Sen. Maggie Hassan.

Democrat Elizabeth Warren beat incumbent Republican Scott Brown in the high profile Massachusetts Senate race.

Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill defeated Republican challenger, U.S. Representative Todd Akin-whose comments about a woman's body preventing pregnancy after "legitimate rape" helped upend the race.

Hawaii also elected its first female senator when Democratic Rep. Mazie Hirono won.


The Democrats stayed with the immigrants while the Republicans viciously attacked them.  In the end, the Democrats won record high votes from Latinos (71%) and Asians (73%) and helped the Democrats win the 2012 elections big time.  Now the Republicans are looking into toning down their racist anti-immigrant agenda and reach out to them.


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