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Monday, November 12, 2012

Denise Helms fired and possibly under arrest after racist slur and death threat

Denise Helms, a 22 white woman from Turlock, California (east of San Francisco) made a racist and terroristic threat against President Obama on her Facebook page.  She wrote:

“Another 4 years of this (N-word),” Helms wrote on her Facebook Tuesday night. “Maybe he will get assassinated this term.”

She was then fired from her job at the Cold Stone Creamery and the Secret Service is determining if Denise committed a felony by making a terroristic threat against the President and if she should be arrested.

Your typical sore loser Republican got what she deserved.  She is also young and female, two important voting groups the GOP desperately lacks, so that spells more troubles for the GOP's future.


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