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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Don't Neglect the Women Vote

National elections in the United States are consistently getting more expensive.  Not too long ago House and Senate elections cost millions of dollars, and Presidential elections costs hundreds of millions.   2012 set new records as usual as some House and even more Senate elections cost tens of millions, and the Presidental election costs reached in the billions.

Every year women voters outnumber men voters by a consistent margin, 53% women to 47% men.  This goes for all elections, even the less popular odd year elections.  Bring out your calculators and do the math, there are an average of 1.128 women voters for every 1 male voter in the elections.

So to break even in the gender gap, the Republican must win 1.128 men voters for every one female vote the Democrat wins.  Obama won 55 percent of the women vote in 2012.  For Romney to break even in the gender gap, he needed to win 62 percent of the men vote.  Mitt Romney came nowhere close, he only won 52 percent of the men vote and lost the election by a substantial margin.

With the increasingly staggering costs of elections, mistakes like these are proving devastating for the GOP.


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