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Monday, November 19, 2012

House election results of 2012

Here are the House election results of 2012.

Democrats have won 201 seats, Republicans have won 234 seats, out of 435.

Democrats won 8 seats in the House (was 193 Dem - 242 Rep before).

Republicans still control the House (218 seats for majority), but the Democrats made impressive gains.

Democrats won the total popular vote of all House races by a small margin (less than one percent), but the Republicans still maintain the majority.  Two factors:

1) Republicans benefited from the 2010 redistricting by gerrymandering.

2) Democrats tend to populate closer in fewer, larger districts.

So for Democrats to continue winning elections, consider moving to less populated areas and especially battleground states.  If you are in one of the heavily populated blue states, consider this.

California - Move to Nevada or Arizona

New York - Move to New Hampshire, Ohio, Indiana, or Virginia

Illinois - Move to Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, or Missouri

Every state gets two senators regardless of population, and electoral votes for each state is the number of Senators (2) plus the number of House representatives in the state.  So your voting power increases in a smaller state.


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