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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Mitt Romney and the final flip-flopping

It's the final stretch of the 2012 elections.  Less than one week to go, Mitt Romney is getting desperate as polls indicate his losing gap against Obama is widening again.  Except in the beginning of October, where he did well in the first Presidential debate against an unprepared Obama, the frustration and desperation is mounting for the Romney camp.  This means more desperate flip-flopping on his stances.  All sources are from Media Matters.

Mitt Romney was always against the government bailout of the American auto industry.  After the government bailout succeeded, Obama is receiving much credit for his support and recovery of the American auto industry.  So Mitt Romney lies and changes his stance again in critical battleground states like Ohio and Michigan, falsely claiming he supports the American auto industry.

Right-Wing Media Help Romney Hide His Opposition To The Successful Auto Rescue

What's his stance on abortion?  Back in the 1994 MA Senate election, Mitt Romney claimed to be pro-choice, when he previously was anti-choice.  As Ted Kennedy said, "[Mitt] is multiple choice".  Then Ted Kennedy soundly defeated multiple stance Mitt Romney in the election.  Fast forward to 2012, Mitt claimed to be strongly anti-choice to appease the conservatives.  Then in late October, Mitt flipped to something like a moderate anti-choice or partial pro-choice hybrid.

NY Times Gives "Moderate" Romney A Pass On Abortion

Then there was Hurricane Sandy that struck the northeast region of America in late October.  Of course, Mitt Romney was sympathetic and supported government disaster relief aid.  However, this turned out to be another flip-flop from his previous disdain for government disaster aid like FEMA.

Wall Street Journal's Defense Of Romney's FEMA Comments Misses The Point

At least when Mitt Romney loses the election, there will be no flip-flopping there.  A loss is a loss and he cannot not flip a loss into a win.  And at age 65 and devastated by a Presidential campaign bill costing hundreds of millions of dollars, it's a sure bet Mitt will not be running in another election.


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