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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Obama and Democrats win record high Latino voters

Before I post on the official results of the 2012 elections, as well as demographics like race, gender, age, religion, and so forth, there are a few more official results waiting.  Although Obama won Florida according to my predictions, Florida has to count all its absentee votes to deliver their official results.  Also, several more House races are still being counted.

The fact is that Obama won significantly because he and the Democrats abandoned the long dead and deeply buried Sailer Strategy.  The Democrats won a record turnout of the Latino vote.  Here is a New York Times story called "A Record Latino Turnout, Solidly Backing Obama".

Here are some preliminary statistics on race and voting, based on the article and news sources.  Once the official voting statistics are finalized, I will post on them and provide a comprehensive analysis.

In the 2008 election:
Whites made up 74% of voters and voted 43% for Obama
Blacks made up 13% of voters and voted 95% for Obama
Latinos made up 9% of voters and voted 67% for Obama

In the 2012 election:
Whites made up 72% of voters and voted 40% for Obama
Blacks made up 13% of voters and voted 93% for Obama
Latinos made up 10% of voters and voted 71% for Obama

While Obama did lose out on white voters, he made it up with the Latino vote and the growing minority voters in general.


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