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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hannah Giles paid $50,000 for fraudulent ACORN sting

After the press reported James O'Keefe was sued for $100,000 by a former ACORN employee, interest in Hannah Giles, James' partner in the ACORN sting videos who played the prostitute, surged again.  Hannah was being sued by the same person who sued James, and they settled back in July 2012, although the details of the settlement were not made public back then.

The Brad Blog just learned that Hannah Giles agreed to pay $50,000 to former ACORN employee Juan Carlos Vera.  It was known that James O'Keefe made $65,000 and Giles made $60,000 through the now deceased Andrew Breitbart’s conservative media ventures.

While Hannah got away with half the damages, it will still bankrupt her.  Since there is no money in writing articles for pseudo-journalist right-wing media outlets like and, she is also finished.  And remember, this is only the first successful lawsuit by one former ACORN employee against the O'Keefe/Giles duo.  There are many more former ACORN employees across the nation waiting in line to sue them.  I wouldn't be surprised if Andrew Breitbart's media ventures were sued, since they funded the whole ACORN sting operation.


  • Sue them for what? For being portrayed as the ignorant leftists that they are?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:20 AM  

  • The ghost of Breitbart made a comment, "Sue them for what? For being portrayed as the ignorant leftists that they are?".

    If you knew anything about this case GoB, you'd realize how silly your statement is.

    By Blogger lanie day, at 8:22 PM  

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