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Monday, March 04, 2013

WWE Tea Party imitators Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter

The WWE have a new wrestler called Jack Swagger and his manager, Zeb Colter.  They are Tea Party patriots who represent right-wing extremism, anti-immigration, and white supremacist stances.  This negative, yet accurate, portrayal got the right-wing media stirred up.  Fox News is complaining about Jack Swagger.

The truth can hurt, so WWE responded to Glenn Beck's attacks on Jack Swagger and the WWE to rub the truth into their wounds.

Now to complete the right-wing cast of characters, the WWE needs to come up with a Steve Sailer or Adam Lanza clone.  Here is what this WWE character would be like.

Tall, skinny, dorky, pale, weak, white male (like 6'4", 170 pounds, and no muscle)
The least popular wrestler the WWE has ever made.
Very uncharismatic, unpopular, and always booed by the audience.
Fairly intelligent but still unpopular and unsociable.
Always gets pummeled in the wrestling ring, like how he got bullied in his childhood years.
Just like he is a failure in the wrestling ring, he is a failure in everything he did in life.
One day he finally snaps, shoots out the audience, then kills himself with the gun. 
With his worthless life ended, the audience finally cheers.


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