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Monday, May 20, 2013

White Supremacist Family Values - The Brimelows Revisited

These white supremacists and neo-conservatives love to write about family values and judge others.  However, their own ideas of family values are sure incredibly eccentric and heinous.

Let's take a look and Peter Brimelow, President of VDare, and his granddaughter bride, Lydia.  Back in 2008, Peter Brimelow, age 59, married a 22 year college student writing under the pseudonym Athena Kerry.  Her name is Lydia Brimelow (I'm withholding her previous family name as it is no longer valid).

This article shows a picture of Peter and Lydia Brimelow in 2010 with their infant child.  It was taken during the 2010 M.L. Mencken conference, another white supremacist gathering like American Renaissance.

So let's examine what the infant will go through as she grows up.  She must be less than one year old, while Peter and Lydia are ages 61 and 24 respectively in 2010.  When Brimelow Junior finished elementary school and enters 6th grade at the age of 12, she can tell everyone her real daddy is really a 73 year old grandpa who has been on Social Security and Medicare for many years.  He's also eligible to live in a nursing home.  Her mommy will be age 36, which is fine, but rather peculiar that mommy was daddy's granddaughter age when they married and procreated.

When Brimelow Junior finishes high school and enters college, say age 19, she can tell her friends in college her daddy is an 80 year corpse who is stuck in a nursing home or hospice (If grandpa Brimelow is even alive by then).  There is a very high change daddy will die of old age while she is still in college.

So next time white supremacists lecture us about family values, take a look at this article and some of these articles.

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