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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Oklahoma devastated by tornadoes, storms, and floods

Watch out.  When Steve Sailer blesses your state, it is really a devastating curse from the devil himself.  Sailer's bogus affordable family foundation, that rural red states are the best and safest places to live and raise families, keeps getting pounded harder to the ground everytime.

Oklahoma, perhaps the reddest state with the highest percentage of voters voting Republican, got hit the hardest, and numerous times, with tornadoes, storms, and floods.

On May 20, an EF5 tornado (the strongest category for a tornado) reached Moore, Oklahoma and did tremendous damage and killed 23 people.  Damage is a moderate word, devastation is more appropriate as entire buildings were demolished rather than merely damaged.  Some pictures from the Moore 2013 tornado.

You would think God could spare mercy from such unimaginable misery and devastation, but when you are stuck with Sailer's curse, the bad news keeps getting worse.  The following week from May 26 to 31, Oklahoma got whacked again with widespread tornadoes, storms, and flooding that devastated the entire state of Oklahoma and the surrounding midwestern area.  Ten people, 9 from Oklahoma, were killed by tornadoes and several more died from other causes.  Devastation was widespread and catastrophic.

You've seen the damage tornadoes can do, but what about the flooding?  The floods were not merely giant pools of water that quickly receded.  The flooding was massive that covered cars and houses over a very wide area.  After the floods receded, ground foundations were destroyed and left massive sinkholes.  Pictures of the flooding.

Are you sure this is the affordable family foundation where you want to live?  There sure literally isn't any foundation here.


  • Are you really so fucked up in the head that you believe that a state's political leanings somehow effect the weather that they get?

    What about New Jersey? Not exactly a bastion of conservatism. But they got it bad from Sandy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:09 PM  

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