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Friday, August 23, 2013

Democrat Terry McAuliffe leading in Virginia governor race

The 2013 election is just less than three months away and the races being watched the most are the state governor races in New Jersey and Virginia.  Chris Christie (R) is running for a second term in New Jersey.  He is leading by a large margin and will easily win reelection.  So the attention is on the Virginia governor race.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe (shown left) is facing Republican Ken Cuccinelli (shown right) in the Virginia governor race.  In the last few months, Terry McAuliffe was leading Ken Cuccinelli in the polls by a small margin.  McAuliffe's lead in the polls recently increased to a significant margin.

Reuters: Democrat McAuliffe has lead in Virginia governor's race, poll finds
McAuliffe, a businessman and the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, holds a 48 percent to 42 percent lead over Cuccinelli, Virginia's attorney general.

What is driving this lead for the Democrats?  It has to do with avoiding Republican ideals of corruption and misogyny (woman hating).  First, current Republican Virginia governor Bob McDonnell is ruining his own image and the GOP with accepting unethical gifts.  The other factor is women voters where the GOP always had trouble.  The wounds with women voters are opening up again for the GOP.

NPR: Gender Gap Doesn't Budge In Virginia Governor's Race
The poll of likely voters reports that Democrat Terry McAuliffe has a 6-percentage-point overall lead in his contest with Republican Ken Cuccinelli.

The survey put McAuliffe's lead among female voters, however, at twice that — 12 points.

According to exit polls, Obama beat Republican Mitt Romney by 9 percentage points in Virginia.

The poll had more promising news for McAuliffe on the gender front: He's essentially tied with Cuccinelli among male voters.

Terry McAuliffe for Virginia Governor


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