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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Former White House staffer Jofi Joseph fired for slanderous Twitter account

As long as you are hiding behind a pseudonym on the internet, you think you are safe to slander anyone.  In reality, no one is ever safe in the slander business.  Jofi Joseph was a national security staffer and foreign policy expert for the Obama administration.

However, he was also secretly operating a Twitter account since 2011 under the pseudonym @natsecwonk.  In the Twitter account, his tweets were filled with Limbaugh/Townhall/VDare style biting insults against many of his co-workers, famous political figures, and the Obama administration.  He would make sexist comments against women like Ann Romney and Liz Cheney, and openly insult and critize the Obama's administration's foreign policy and his White House colleagues and bosses.

After careful research and a sting operation, the Obama administration identified @natsecwonk as their own White House Staff and immediately fired him.

Jofi Joseph, tweeting White House staffer, possibly unmasked by sting, report says


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