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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Midwest and Southern states demolished with tornadoes, storms, floods (April 2014)

Once again, tornadoes, storms, and floods demolish the Midwest and South of the United States.  Red rural states which Steve Sailer eulogizes as the best areas in America to live and raise families.  The only problem is that Steve Sailer's praises are really death traps where death, destruction, hopelessness, and disaster dominates the scene.  

In late April 2014, another massive storm system forms in the midwest and heads toward the southeast.  States hit the hardest were Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida panhandle. One article reports the Southern tornado death toll hits 34 as storm system heads east, but the real death toll is expected to be well over 50 as this storm system ends, not to mention billions of dollars of damage.  Not merely houses and roads damaged and a large clean up effort to patch up everything.  Houses and cars were totally demolished, entire housing structures, walls, and roofs destroyed by tornadoes.  Cars and mobile homes flipped over, tossed long distances, and demolished.  Roads and infrastructure torn apart by floods.

Look at this destruction and ask yourself, do you still want to follow Steve Sailer's advice and live here and raise your family here?

Tornado destruction in Arkansas

Tornadoes overturn mobile homes in Midwest

Tornado destruction in Alabama

Tornado destruction in Vilonia, Arkansas

Tornado and flooding destruction in Tupelo, Mississippi

Flooding in Alabama/Florida Panhandle


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