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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Michelle Lodzinski finally arrested for 1991 murder of her 5 year old son

More countless examples of Steve Sailer's dysfunctional white families.  Back in 1991, Michelle Lodzinski was a 23 year old single mother living in New Jersey.  One weekend, she went to a carnival with her 5 year old son and both went missing.  A few days later, Michelle Lodzinski reappeared without her son.  The partial remains of her murdered son was found one year later.

Michelle Lodzinski has always been a strong suspect in the murder of the boy, but prosecutors didn't have enough conclusive evidence to charge her.  Michelle Lodzinski soon moved to Florida to start a new life, but she could not run away from her criminal behavior.

In 1994, she was arrested for making false statements to the FBI.  In 1997, she was arrested for stealing a computer from her former employer.

Justice finally caught up to her 23 years after her son's murder.  In August 2014, the police finally arrested her in her Florida home.  The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office in New Jersey have enough evidence to convict her.  Bail for her was set at $2 million.


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