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Sunday, November 09, 2014

2014 Election Results

It takes a few days after the election to get the final results. Some elections are so close, the election officials don't officially declare a winner yet, or the close losing candidate can challenge with a recount. Some absentee ballots or ballots need to be counted, but by the weekend after we can get a good picture of the election results.

Republicans won 8 seats in the Senate. New Senate count is:
53 Republican
45 Democrat
2 Independent

Republicans won 13 seats in the House. New House count is:
247 Republican
188 Democrat

State Governor
Republicans gained 2 seats, Independents gained 1 seat. New count is:
31 Republicans
18 Democrat
1 Independent

Stay tuned for more analysis of the 2014 elections. There is a lot of data to analyze and it will take several days.


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