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Friday, October 31, 2014

Michael Centanni, COO of Base Connect, arrested on child porn charges

Michael Centanni (48), Chief Operating Officer of Base Connect in Washington D.C., was recently arrested for receiving and possessing child pornography. He was arrested Thursday after an investigation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Homeland Security. He had "child porn sharing" files traced to his home computer, and when he was arrested and his house was searched, officers also found a hidden camera inside his D.C. home with a clear view of the shower.

Michael Centanni was the COO of Base Connect, a major fundraising company that raises millions of dollars for conservative, right-wing, Republican organizations and political candidates at a national level. They have also co-sponsored CPAC.

Base Connect has stated that Michael was immediately suspended from the company. The story is developing, but we know the situation will get much worse for him and his constituents, very soon and very fast. Just look at what happened to his conservative allies who followed the same path.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Preview of 2014 Elections

The 2014 elections are less than one month away and what can we expect based on the polls and news? Not much, it's pretty much going to be the same status quo.

The Republicans have 45 seats in the Senate and need to win at least 6 Senate seats to reclaim the Senate by a narrow margin. In 2008, the Democrats won a good number of Senate seats, and with the 6 year term ending, there are 20 Democrat and 13 Republican Senate seats up for election in 2014. With a young voter turnout down in a non-Presidential election, both these factors will favor the GOP.

Polls indicate it's a tossup if the GOP will reclaim the Senate, but they should win at least 5 Senate seats. Even if the GOP wins 6 Senate seats, it's only a very slim majority in the Senate. With 51 Senate seats, the Republicans are well short of 60 seats needed to override a Democratic filibuster, and even much shorter in terms of overriding a Presidential veto. The best a weak GOP Senate majority can do is create a nuisance by delaying federal judge appointees from President Obama in his last 2 years in office, but it's going to be the same status quo.

The Republicans lost 8 House seats in 2012 but still have a majority (234 seats) in the House of Representatives. The GOP should win a few House seats back, but unlikely the 8 seats they lost. Whether the GOP wins or loses a few seats, they will have the House majority and it will be the same status quo.

In the state governor races of 2014, the Republicans are expected to lose a few of those seats.

While the bright light for the Republicans is possibly reclaiming the Senate, keep in mind the 2016 elections will turn the tables. The 2016 election is the Presidential election where the young and minority voters will come out in record numbers. While there are 20 Democrat and 13 Republican Senate seats up for election in 2014, the Republicans Senators who won those seats back in 2010 are up for re-election. In 2016, the Democrats will have the advantage when 10 Democrat seats and 24 Republican Senate seats are up for election.

The best the Democrats can do this election is to reach out to the young voters who only vote on Presidential elections to develop the consistency to vote every year.

As usual, I will provide my comprehensive and in-depth election analysis after November 4.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Richard Spencer and NPI arrested in Hungary

White nationalist Richard B. Spencer was trying to hold his National Policy Institute (NPI) in the eastern European country Hungary from October 3-5.  On the day the NPI started, the whole group (75 to 100 members, less than half of what was initially planned) was detained and arrested by the Hungarian police in the bar where they held their conference.

The Hungarian government warned them beforehand their racist and terrorist activities were banned from Hungary.  Nevertheless, Richard Spencer hosted his NPI conference in Budapest and now his whole group is paying the price.

Here's a video of their arrest and shutdown.

Every member of NPI was arrested and detained, and background checks are being performed on all of them.  If they are not staying in prison, then they will be be deported from Hungary.

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