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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Telemarketers alert police 900 miles away to domestic violence incident by Walter Ruck

This is one of many race and crime stories you won't see on Steve Sailer's blog or his kind. Telemarketers for Americare Health and Nutrition in Las Vegas were making routine telemarketing calls. Chamille McElroy called a house in Oregon 900 miles away and heard violent struggling and screams on the phone. Chamille alerted her two Hispanic supervisors, Tina Garcia and Mario Gonzalez. The two Hispanic supervisors worked diligently to make sure the phone was not hung up, then contacted the local Linn County Sheriff's office in Oregon. Police soon arrived at the Oregon home where the vicious domestic violence incident was taking place.

The offender is a hateful, violent, deranged 33 year old white male (kind of reminds you of Steve Sailer's target audience) named Walter Warren John Ruck (shown above). When police entered the home, Walter Ruck let go of the woman, who was crying and grasping for air. After an investigation, deputies learned the woman was physically assaulted and smothered with blankets and pillows during the alleged attack. The victim told officials Ruck threatened her with a rifle, shoving the stock of the gun into her chest.

A group of decent, hard working Hispanics saving an innocent person's life from the evil, criminally prone white male. You won't see this story of justice and heroics on Vdare or American Renaissance.