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Monday, April 27, 2015

Jon Entine: Pseudo-Journalist, Divorced felon guilty of domestic violence and child abuse

Pseudo-journalists like Jon Entine and Steve Sailer love to give their crackpot theories and analysis on various races and people, and judge other races by the millions. However, just as they can judge others, we can also investigate and judge them as well.

What has Jon Entine done since he wrote the book Taboo in 2000? Even though he has no credentials in genetics, he wrote a book in 2007 called Abraham's Children, where he provides more of his pseudo-analysis on the genes and ancestry of Jewish people. He also produced some documentaries after that criticizing the American agricultural industry for their use of pesticides.

Just as Jon Entine can make criticizing attacks on the U.S. agricultural industry and other people based on shoddy journalism, those being unfairly attacked can find fault with him. What has gone on with Jon Entine's personal life? This article by Natural News exposes the truth on Jon Entine - He is a divorced father and criminal guilty of domestic violence and child abuse.

Jon Entine has had marital and family problems for a long time. When he was married to then wife Ellen Turner before 2006, they were having serious domestic violence problems for awhile. In January of 2005, Entine's then wife Ellen Turner sought a court restraining order against him that demanded he refrain from physically injuring her person or abusing their child. Court documents from Hamilton County, Ohio revealed some very disturbing and heinous domestic violence incidents by Jon Entine (see the Natural News link above for more details and links to the court documents).
Posted on the Jon Entine page of, an exhaustive series of publicly-available PDF documents from the courts of Hamilton County, Ohio state that Jon Entine physically assaulted his wife. He "...became very belligerent and aggressive toward Plaintiff [his wife]. He pushed her, shoved her, gouged her eye, choked her and pushed her into the porch column. He slammed the door and refused to release [their daughter]. Plaintiff finally called the Indian Hill Rangers..."
Entine's wife, Ellen Turner, then sought a court order requiring Jon Entine to attend "anger management classes." She further described Entine as "irrational and unpredictable" and warned the courts that his bizarre behavior "appears to be escalating."
The following paragraph, also found in the court document PDFs shown on the Jon Entine Truthwiki page, revealed how Ellen Turner was "assaulted by [Jon Entine]. This occurred in the presence of [their daughter] who has been psychologically traumatized as a result. [Daughter] is afraid of [Jon Entine]... he has become increasingly and exceedingly hostile and belligerent. [The wife] fears that [Entine's] mental health has deteriorated..."
After years of violence and abuse, Jon Entine and Ellen Turner were divorced on November 2006. But Jon's downhill descent didn't end with the divorce. Just like anyone following the path of Steve Sailer, the bad news keeps getting worse. The Natural News link is a five page article on Jon Entine that are linked together, so make sure you read all five pages. Here are more areas on the real Jon Entine that are exposed.

  • Jon Entine begins dating via while still living with wife - court documents
  • Fired by ABC news, characterized as "out of control"
  • Jon Entine stages manufacturing violation then calls the FDA, then cites his own contrived staging as evidence against the company - report
  • A wikipedia vandal who defames real scientists questioning the safety of GMOs
  • Jon Entine demands to see his wife's diaries and personal journals
  • Jon Entine illegally enters wife's residence, wife demands "psychological evaluation"
  • Entine threatens his daughter's therapist with legal action
  • Entine threatens the credibility of George Mason University
  • Entine attempts to sue others for merely questioning his qualifications
  • Entine is an apologist for deadly chemicals like atrazine


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