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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - White males can be a serious endangerment

When vehicular accidents happen, non-white pilots or drivers get a bad rap. But what about white male pilots or drivers who cause horrific accidents? Does VDare, American Renaissance, or even the general media give white males the bad rap? Let's examine how terrible white male pilots or drivers can be.

Germanwings Flight 9525 Crash
On 24 March 2015, a Germanwings aircraft , an Airbus A320-200, crashed into the French Alps, resulting in the death of 144 passengers and 6 crew members. This was a deliberate and malicious murder suicide plot by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz (shown above). He was a white male who was suffering from severe depression problems (sounds like Steve Sailer and his audience). When the pilot momentarily left the cockpit during flight over France, Andreas Lubitz then locked the cockpit door with only himself inside the cockpit. Andreas Lubitz then descended the plane until the plane struck a mountain in the French Alps, killing everyone abroad in one of the world's worst murder suicide plot.

Amtrak Train Derailment in Philadelphia, PA
On May 12, 2015, an Amtrak train was bound from Washington, D.C. for New York City. While traversing through Philadelphia, PA, the train was traveling 102 mph along a curve with a speed limit of 50 mph. The train derailed in a disastrous and tragic accident, and of all 243 people on board, 8 were killed and over 200 injured, 11 critically.

The driver of the Amtrak train, which is called the engineer, is Brandon Bostian. He is a 32 year old white male responsible for one of the worst train accidents in history. His last public statements so far in mid-May was that he cannot remember anything about the crash, and he is not saying anything except through his lawyer. Typical defensive mechanism to lie by saying you can't remember anything, but that is the typical procedure when you are responsible for a reckless and horrific accident with lives lost and numerous serious injuries.

School Buses collide in Knoxville, TN
On December 2014, 48 year old school bus driver James Davenport was driving a bus of children in Knowville, Tenessee. He suddenly made a sharp left turn, crossing the concrete median, then crashed head on to another school bus. James Davenport was injured, and the worst fatalities were 3 people passengers who died, 6 year old Zykia Burns, 7 year old Seraya Glasper, and 46 year old teacher's aide Kimberly Riddle.

After a 6 month investigation, the police concluded James Davenport caused the accident because he was texting on his cell phone while driving. James Davenport suddenly died on June 1, 2015 at his home and that death is under investigation. Nevertheless, it shows everyone while males don't make better drivers. This is a recent article on James Davenport, the accident, and the police investigation.


  • What is your point with this article? Most pilots happen to be white men. When a white male pilot crashes a plane, his gender and race aren't salient when almost all pilots are white men anyway.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:36 PM  

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