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Friday, July 17, 2015

Confederate Flags get taken down at record pace

Despite the malicious atrocities Dylann Roof committed when he shot up an African American church in Charleston SC and murdered 9 people, he set a record for taking down the Confederate flag at a record pace. So many civil rights groups have tried for so many decades to do this, yet Dylann Roof accomplished all this in one day. He helped everyone see the true colors of Confederate flag as the symbol of hatred, racism, treason, bloodshed, and slavery.

Here is a current status of Confederate flags being taken down across America.

Taken down:
South Carolina
Hillsborough County, Florida

Legislation pending to take down:
Virginia & North Carolina - Remove confederate symbol from license plates

The largest retailer, Walmart, is no longer selling merchandise with Confederate symbols. Many Companies, retailers, and celebrities are following the same trend.


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