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Saturday, December 05, 2015

Steve Sailer's non-credentials in science and journalism

Steve Sailer has some writing skills, but what are his credentials in the field of science or journalism? Despite his fancy rhetoric, Steve Sailer is not a doctor, or scientist, or professor. He is not even a reputable journalist. These are his credentials.

1980 - Undergraduate degree from Rice University in economics, history, and management.

1982 - MBA from UCLA in 1982, concentrating in finance and marketing.

Worked for a small marketing company doing statistical analysis in the 1980s.

Wrote sporadic articles for the National Review, a far right-wing magazine, from 1994 to 1998.

Journalist for the United Press International (UPI) from 2000 to 2003. During this time UPI had the worst reputation ever for their shoddy journalism and right-wing bias, which is the only kind of job Steve can find.

Wrote sporadic articles for The American Conservative, another far right-wing magazine.

Writer for VDare and Taki Magazine, even further right-wing, white supremacist sites.

Steve Sailer never accomplished anything in the field of science or journalism. He has no credentials working in any reputable or mainstream journalist or media company. Steve Sailer is nothing more than a freelance writer, desperately writing for far right-wing and white supremacist pseudo-journalist sites. He only makes a little more than a minimum wage payout from the few dollars he receives from VDare and Taki, and the spare change donations from his readers he constantly needs to panhandle from his blog. He's so poor he has to live with his adoptive father in Los Angeles, because he cannot support himself and his family.


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