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Saturday, July 02, 2016

Donald Trump's bad month of June

Donald Trump won the Republican nomination in early May, one full month earlier than when Hillary Clinton won the Democratic nomination. Back in May, Trump was closing in the polls with Hillary Clinton, and the critical one month advantage would place Trump on a solid victory path.

Then something totally different happened. Trump totally lost his one month advantage. By the end of June, Clinton marched ahead in the polls, well above the margin of error and sometimes ahead by double digits (up to 12 points) in a few polls. Clinton was far ahead in fundraising and successfully portrayed Trump for who he really is -  a racist, sexist, swindler, and con man. Trump's campaign team was in shambles that he fired his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. Trying to win the opinion of the general public? Trump is having a hard time winning the opinions of his own Republicans.

Trump trails Clinton in poll numbers, fundraising, and popularity. A one month head start would be a critical advantage for any Presidential candidate, but only a thoroughly incompetent idiot would not only lose the head start, but fall behind. But losing big and going deep into negative territory is nothing new for Donald Trump - just look at his four bankruptcies.

Democrats to give Trump 'rude awakening' in summer onslaught

Donald Trump’s campaign manager is out. Here are the brutal numbers that tell us why.


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