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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

FBI fugitive William Claybourne Taylor arrested after 36 years in hiding

Here is the story of a Steve Sailer type white male. A white male named James Manion (age 67) was living in a small surburban town called Reidsville in North Carolina. James Manion was married, lived in a humble suburban house, ran a small wallpaper store, and was a registered Republican voter. Just an ordinary all American white male like Steve Sailer.

However, James Manion had a deep and dark secret of lies, violence, and murder. The real name and identity of James is William Claybourne Taylor, who is a FBI fugitive for murder. William Taylor is wanted for the murder and aggravated battery in the January 1977 shooting death of an Immigration and Naturalization Service officer and the shooting of a former mayor of Williston, Florida. He was indicted by a grand jury in Florida on May 15, 1980 on murder and aggravated battery charges. After his indictment, William Taylor has fled from law enforcement for over 36 years, until he was finally caught and arrested in July 2016 under his hidden name and home in Reidsville, North Carolina.

You never know what surprises these Steve Sailer type while males are hiding, but the more you analyze them, the more dirt you will find.

Fugitive wanted in 1977 Fla. murder nabbed in N.C.

Fugitive William Claybourne Taylor Hid for Decades in North Carolina


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