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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Analysis of the Alt Right Conference

The white supremacist leaders, Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, and Richard Spencer, held another white supremacist conference on September 9 in Washington D.C.. The conference was called Alt-Right and Media Matters provided detailed coverage of this hate group and event. Click on the link to see the video coverage.

VIDEO: Inside The “Alt-Right’s” White Nationalist, Pro-Trump Press Conference

Like all white supremacist conferences these idiots held in the past, it follows the same inevitable trend of declining membership and influence, and increasing decay. In my coverage of white supremacist conferences back in 2008 and other articles since then, the trends still hold true up to 2016 and beyond. Here is a picture of the audience (click on it to see the full size) from the Alt Right conference and you can see why it's still hopeless for them.

Their numbers are down again. Around 2005 their typical audience size was around 200. Around 2012 their typical audience size declined to 50. In 2016 their audience seems to be 30 at best.

Most people there are old, ugly, pathetic white males.

The few women there are even older, uglier, and filthier. You get a sense why the men there are secretly attracted to men and children.

Many of them have troubled lives and families, drug and alcohol abuse problems, and criminal records, with no hope of recovery. Hey, there's Marcus Epstein in the lower right corner.

You can place a coffin in the center of the conference and it would be a perfect fit for the setting.


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