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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Donald Trump's very bad month of August

Donald Trump's campaign keeps sinking. During his disastrous month of August, Hillary Clinton consistently beats Trump in the polls by a wide margin, often in the double digits. Even in historically solid red GOP states like Arizona, Georgia, and South Carolina, Clinton has almost tied Trump in the polls of those states, and Clinton has locked all the battleground states. Yeah, Hillary Clinton isn't the greatest candidate and her flaws are well known, but it's just that Donald Trump is so corrupt, dishonest, idiotic, incompetent, hateful, and evil, Hillary Clinton is on her way to an easy victory.

Even the Republican National Committee is considering abandoning Trump's failed campaign and focus their resources on the Republicans running in Congress and state elections.

Donald Trump flip flops and lies too much. He said he was against the Iraq War back in 2003, but video footage shows he supported the Iraq War. He said he wants to deport all illegal immigrants from America, now he says he only wants to deport the violent ones. He said he wants to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S., now he says it was only a suggestion. Here's his list of flip flops.


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