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Monday, October 17, 2016

David Duke getting older, uglier, and senile

David Duke, the infamous white supremacist and KKK leader, has been around for decades but never accomplished anything. He reappeared in the news in 2016 because of his continued racist ties and support for Donald Trump. Like all Sailer type white nationalists, David Duke sure does age horribly and decay fast.

At age 66, David Duke looks like a queer mix of a pale decaying corpse, a goofy bit of goofball Jim Carrey, and looks like he is turning into an old woman (a transgender). No matter how horrible his outside looks, he never did and never will accomplish anything of any value, just like Steve Sailer. David Duke is also getting senile, he can't spell United States.

In his Twitter account about him running for U.S. Senate, he tweets, “Untied States Senate!”.


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