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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

The Presidential Race, one week remaining

It's already just one week away until the U.S. elects a new President. I'll be covering my detailed political analysis of this massive election, including the Congressional elections, for the next few days after the election.

After the third and last Presidential debate on October 19, the polls, analysts, and pundits (watch the Saturday Night Live skits of the debates) were predicting Hillary Clinton would easily defeat Donald Trump. Trump had a series of bad news from women who claimed that he sexually harassed and abused them, and the infamous audio tape with Billy Bush revealed Trump's lewd attitude toward women.

However, I was one of the few to hold off on declaring Hillary Clinton the winner. She still had troubles with the 30,000+ emails she deleted from her private email server, and although the FBI announced they would close the investigation back in July, I knew 30,000+ emails were not going to magically disappear. Someone, and more than one person, must have received those deleted emails. Emails are meant to send to other people for communication, not just to be archived for only yourself.

And a late October surprise did bring bad news for Hillary's campaign. Three events damaged Hillary's camp and strengthened Donald's camp in in the last week of October to make it a virtually tie in the polls by November 1.

1) Projected price increases of ObamaCare of 25% or more in 2017.
2) WikiLeaks revealing Hillary's and her staff's emails.
3) The FBI reopening their criminal investigation on Hillary's email server, after some of her deleted emails were found on her closest aide's (Huma Abedin's) laptop computer.

I said that this would be most heated, controversial, and unpredictable Presidential race in U.S. history, and it will be a close race that will go to Election day. Stay tuned as the race gets even more heated.


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