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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Primaries wrap up: Trump vs Clinton

The Presidential primaries have just about come to an end. As I predicted two months ago, despite the dismay and unlikeability of both Republican and Democratic presumptive nominees, it's going to be Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton facing off in the 2016 Presidential Election. I am putting aside any personal bias or feelings toward any candidate or party to provide the most accurate political analysis.

Trump is the only candidate remaining in the Republican party in the primary elimination match. He'll earn all the delegates needed by the last day of the Republican primary on June 7. In the Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in it to the end. Sanders is doing very well, almost tied in total votes with Clinton, but the biased superdelegate votes which consist of one third of the total delegate votes are heavily favoring insiders like Clinton. It will be a long and drawn out Democratic primary that will hinder Clinton, but she only has to win 20 percent of the remaining delegate votes by the last major day of the Democratic primaries on June 7 to win the nomination, which she will achieve.

This will be the most expensive, fiercest, and controversial Presidential election in history. We have the crook, Hillary Clinton, running against the swindler, Donald Trump. Some previews of each candidate.

Hillary Clinton
The staggeringly long primary is being a major burden on her. It's draining funds, time, and resources that can be better used to prepare for the general election. It's also uncertain if Sander's supporters will support and vote for Clinton in the general election, since many of them feel overshadowed by the superdelegates. And the numerous controversies that never seem to go away, but only gets worse over time, most notably the home email server as Secretary of State.

Donald Trump
Makes a lot of enemies. Having trouble getting the support of fellow Republicans in Congress. Takes many radical positions, and spreads lies and misinformation. If he is elected President, the GOP in Congress and the states will suffer because the voters will want checks and balances against a controversial and far right extremist. Continuing civil case for his fraudulent Trump University continues throughout the election, thus earning Donald Trump's nickname, Swindler Trump, like how he nicknames Hillary Clinton as Crooked Hillary.