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Monday, February 20, 2017

KKK Leader Frank Ancona is murdered

On February 10, Frank Ancona, an "imperial wizard" of the Ku Klux Klan in Missouri was reported missing. He was a long time member of the KKK for over 30 years. The next day, Frank Ancona's murdered corpse was found dead with gunshot wounds on the bank of a river. His wife Malissa Ancona (44) and stepson Paul Edward Jinkerson Jr. (24) have been arrested and are being charged with his murder.

Investigators have not yet released an official motive for the murder, but so far it is believed to be some heated family quarrels, and disputes with other KKK members claiming he and his wife are Jewish. Either way, this is what inevitably happens when you join any hate group. The stress and hatred inevitably takes a toll on families, and it leads to losses of livelihoods and lives. Think twice, thrice, and many more times, before you join a hate group like the KKK, or a Steve Sailer-esque pseudo-scientific racist hate group, or befriend or marry one who is involved in one.


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