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Monday, March 13, 2017

Charles Murray shut down, Professor Allison Stanger injured during protest

The intensity of these protests against the right-wing extremists, currently labeled as the Alt Right, keeps heating up. In early March 2017, speakers Charles Murray and Professor Allison Stanger where giving their "Alt Right" speeches (a cover up name for their racist, right-wing extremist speech) in Middlebury College in Vermont.

Charles Murray is the author of the book "The Bell Curve" written in the 1990s who says Africans are less intelligent and genetically inferior than Europeans and Asians. He is a close friend of Steve Sailer and helped start Steve Sailer's racist, pseudo-scientific group, the Human Biodiversity Institute. The original gang, Steve Sailer, Charles Murray, and the deceased Philipp Rushton, set the standards for promoting their racist pseudo-scientific research among the Alt Right.

During the Middlebury protest, it got really heated. This article describes the protest.

One protester pulled Stanger’s hair and injured her neck. She was taken to a hospital, where she was treated and released.

Murray arrived and tried to deliver his speech, but was shouted down, Burger said. As they had planned, administrators then took Murray to a video studio in the same building and broadcast the event online.

But some protesters began pulling fire alarms, temporarily shutting off power to the live stream.

When Murray finished his speech, he left the building with Stanger and Burger, but was met by a group of protesters who wore bandanas to cover their faces. Burger said he believed they were “outside agitators” who had been barred from the event, rather than Middlebury students.

Flanked by security officers, the three moved toward Burger’s car. By that point, more than 20 demonstrators had gathered.

One threw a stop sign with a heavy concrete base in front of Burger’s car, and several others rocked, pounded, and jumped on the vehicle.

“No one expected this to happen,” Burger said. “I fully expected the windows to break.”

As I said before and affirm by my article, political terrorism is real and will only continue to get more heated and violent as the alt right continues their hateful ways.


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